A strong, aerobic, funky style that became popular in the 1990's. This is Reflexions' most popular dance style (particularly among the juniors), using modern music and incorporating moves such as the running man and the funky chicken.

Junior Classes: 7 - 12 year olds
Senior Classes: 13 year and over


Private Exam Attire

Clothing: Black Reflexions T-shirt, black hipster flares (or similar), funk boots
Hair: Neat/slick ponytail or bun (all hair back), black headband
Make-up: Wearing make-up for private exams is optional, however, it does help your overall grooming (which is part of your mark). Eyeliner, mascara, lip stick/gloss and some eye shadow is sufficient, obviously doesn't need to be as heavy/dark as "Graduation make-up"


Clothing: Black Reflexions T-shirt, black pants (not too baggy), black socks, black funk shoes
Hair: Funky/spikey/cool

Class Attire

Please use the private exam attire displayed above as a guide as to what to wear to class, but it is fine to wear different coloured clothing to class (not just black). All footwear is the same as for private exam attire.