Movement to Music


A 45 minute class aimed at 3 - 5 years olds. An introduction to dance, where students start to learn the basic co-ordination, musicality and technique required to go on to such styles as Jazz and Funk when they are older. A high energy, fun dance class using all the latest children's music.

Note: Parents are required to stay for this age group.


Private Exam Attire

Clothing: Shiny black leotard, bare feet
Hair: Neat/slick ponytail or bun
Make-up: Optional, if wearing make-up, it only needs to be subtile (i.e. some glitter)


Clothing: Black Reflexions top (fitted), black shorts, bare feet
Hair: Neat/tidy

Class Attire

Please use the private exam attire displayed above as a guide as to what to wear to class, but it is fine to wear different coloured clothing to class (not just black). All footwear is the same as for private exam attire.

You may choose to wear leggings and a tight fitted top to class instead of private exam attire.